Natek inc.

Vibration analysis

Since 1987

2667, rue des Tours

Quebec (Quebec) G1G 5Z8

Phone : (418) 626-7429

Fax : (418) 626-7824

What do we do:

• Vibration analysis on site
• Training in your mill with your machines

Who are we:

• In business since 1987. We were there at the beginning of vibration analysis in the industry and before 1987 in the aeronautic field.
• We are production oriented so no huge 200 pages reports from us. Only reports that everybody can understand.
• We only do servicing – we do not sell any products. We are independent in our diagnostics.
• We are bilingual

Where do we do it : International and National

• Quebec • Saw Mills
• Canada • Cement plants
• USA • Paper mills
• Africa • Mining mills
• South America  

We are not afraid of big machines or small for that matter.

When do we do it :

• We do it on a regular schedule
• We do it as you need our services (ponctual)
• Research and case study

Why us:

• Because we are production orientated. Your machines become our machines. We enjoy it when there is trouble because we thrive in trouble shooting and solving problems.

• We have 31 years of cumulated historical data, all kinds of different experiences.

• You will receive our verbal or even written report immediately or at the most within 48 hours. Our reports are concise, easy to understand and a good tool for when you will plan your shut-down.

• We do not sell products so there is no alternate agenda when we give you our diagnostic. Just problem solving. The actual work is done by your own employees.

• We are on duty 24/7

You can always reach us at: